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Nightsplints from Biodex

Posted by Sue B. on 11/21/98 at 00:00 (002340)

I bought and tried the Strassburg Sock. Maybe I used it wrong, but it did not seem to hold my foot in place at all. It seemed to stretch out almost immediatley.

There is a company called Biodex. 1-800-224-6339 You can call them and they will send you their catalog. They sell night splints for $45. The more expensive ones from the doc or other companies may be better--I don't know--I have nothing to compare it to. I did buy the Biodex night splints and have used them for a few nights. I still have the morning pain in my heel when I get up, but some people find the night splints helpful.

I was told by someone that it is not a good idea to immobilize your legs all night so I don't know what to think. I don't want to create problems in my knees and legs by wearing the night splints.

Sue B.