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Re: Sally T.

Posted by Bobbie on 11/22/98 at 00:00 (002346)

Believe me I feel for your pain and understand what you are going through. I have not opted for the surgery but understand from reading though this board, that it can take up to six months to a year after surgery to obtain relief. Do you work? I am a secretary but am on my feet a great deal filing, copying, etc. By the end of the day I can hardly make it to my car. I am afraid that if I had surgery and couldn't work for six months I would lose my job. I am 55 and competing with people much younger and healthier than I. I am very worried and frustrated with this continuing problem and pain. Good luck!

Re: Sally T.

Sally T. on 11/22/98 at 00:00 (002347)

Yes, I work part-time in a dental office and am going to college for an associates degree in business. I also have two teenagers that I run around for alot. The days that I work are the hardest on my feet. I was only out of work for two weeks. I would hope you wouldn't lose your job because of this. I believe there are laws against that. I'm glad there is someone else who understands how I feel. Thanks