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Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

Posted by Axel on 11/24/98 at 00:00 (002354)

Patient information

OssaTron treatment

What can be treated?

The following disorders are suitable for treatment with so-called high energy shock waves: soft tissue diseases such as calcified shoulder, tennis and golfer's elbow, achillodynia (inflammation of the Achilles tendon) and heel spurs as well as non-union and delayed fracture healing.

When we refer to shock wave treatment, we are speaking of an alternative to an invasive surgical operation. Shock waves are acoustic waves with very high energy which stimulate afflicted tissue. This method of treatment has proven highly successful in Europe; even maladies that were conservatively treated without success were cured after treatment with the OssaTron. For example, the success rate for heel spurs (plantar faciitis) is between 80% and 90% depending on methods of patient selection. Please be aware however that some secondary indications can prevent the disease from healing and may be contra-indicated for shock wave treatment.

How long does one treatment take?

For soft tissue treatments with the OssaTron, approximately 1,000 shocks are applied to the afflicted area at a rate of 2 pulses per second. Add to this time required to localize the treatment area and administer anesthesia, and the entire treatment time is about 20 minutes.

How long before?

Shock waves simulate the body's own healing process, and on average, patients process healing of inflammations within six weeks. Many patients become pain-free after one treatment. In fact in our studies in >Europe we observed that many patients were pain-free immediately after the treatment. In some cases however, we observed an increase of pain immediately post-treatment, but it was relieved with standard pain killers and disappeared completely within a couple of days.

Where are OssaTron treatments being performed?

In the US, FDA clinical trials are being conducting at the following investigational sites:
Georgia Baptist Hospital (Atlanta; GA)
Memorial Hospital (Chattanooga, TN)
Alabama Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Center (Birmingham, AL)
Barnes Jewish Hospital (St. Louis, MO)
Healthsouth Doctor's Hospital (Coral Gables, FL)
Regional Lithotripter Services (Portland, OR)

To see if you qualify for any of these studies please contact,
Ms. Devonne Pavlak
Healthtronics, Inc.
425 Franklin Road, Suite 545
Marietta, GA 30067
Phone: (770) 419-0691
e-mail: (email removed)

Treatments are being performed in Canada at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Toronto. For information please contact,

Mr. John Grant
Orthotripsy Canada, Inc.
P.O. Box 8
Schomberg, Ontario L0G 1T0
Phone: (888) 274-6610

For Europe and rest of the world please contact,

Bachstrasse 8
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen
Phone: +41-71-677-9177
e-mail: info@hmt-ag.ch

Re: Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

Sharon H on 11/27/98 at 00:00 (002406)

Is there no place close to Minnesota?

Re: Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

Becky on 11/28/98 at 00:00 (002419)

No, not that I know of. My doctor is having someone fly from Wash State, just to see him. I think it takes two months to get into see my doctor. They aren't doing anymore with new patients in Chattanooga. I have been a patient for over two years. I suggest you wait till it is approved because in the US testing is being done and they call you every week and you have to see a doctor every month (hired by the FDA).

Re: Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

John G on 1/07/99 at 00:00 (003105)

Toronto has a machine at 1888-274-6610

Re: Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

Ellen Nevarez on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004134)

The only question regarding your information is that since having heel spurs for about 1 year now, I have gained an enormous amount of weight, the very thing you say will help if I lost, because of inactivity due to casting, wrapping, not being able to do much short of sit.I work in a meat dept. on my feet 8 hours since 1977. I am ready to be considered for surgery, except now my podiatrist thinks maybe casting for 3-4 months more will help. NOT

Re: Patient information about OssaTron treatment.

Bea on 1/29/99 at 00:00 (004136)

I have the same weight problem. If I lost weight it would help my feet but can't excercise because of my feet. If I were you I would certainly see an orthopedic doctor before undergoing surgury. If anything is clear on these message boards its bware Podiatrists.