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Re: Another Mephisto Repost

Posted by Karen on 11/25/98 at 00:00 (002368)

I purchased Mephisto walking shoes. They are horribly expensive but have significantly improved the PF I have had for 2 years. You can have them rehealed by sending them back to the manufacturer and thus wear them forever. So in the long run, they pay for themselves when you consider how many times you have to replace shoes, and they make my feet feel like heaven. They are beautifully made and support your arch in just the right spot. Before the Mephistos I had tried all the stetches, ice and the Buehlein (sp?) heal inserts. Nothing did as much as the Mephistos. I have heard good things about the Birks but have never tried them.

Re: Another Mephisto Repost

Bobbie on 11/25/98 at 00:00 (002381)

I have a pair of Mephistos but they tend to stretch out and I keep adding more holes in the buckles until there is no where to put anymore holes. My heel is a wedge type and I think that a lower heel might work better and maybe one made out of leather instead of the suede leather. I recently bought a pair of Eastland Sandals from JC Pennys that are constructed like Birks. So far I like them and they are as comfortable as anything else I have found, certainly cheaper than Mephistos. I have ordered a pair of Birk's arch supports to wear in my other shoes.