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cowboy boots and fuzzy slippers.

Posted by Becky on 11/29/98 at 18:22 (002433)

Sorry, no message----

Re: cowboy boots and fuzzy slippers.

Becky on 11/29/98 at 18:21 (002432)

sorry no post previously, I clicked too early. Funny, I would also try anything. I drank some horrid stuff as well as soaked it in some horrid Chinese med and no help. I just rolled my foot on a iced water bottle (I used a coke bottle 20oz) it releaved my pain substancially. If the Ossatron doesn't work, there is no other hope. Personally I don't like anything touching my feet but walking barefoot is forbidden so I wear some Nike black flip flops. Oh well...what can we do. Cowboy boots not an option. They sound repulsive being that they would be very hard. I am still holding out for the pillow shoes.