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Some Progress

Posted by Mike on 12/02/98 at 00:00 (002467)

After suffering the symptoms of pf for a year and a half, I surrendered and saw a podiatrist about two and a half weeks ago. He gave me a cortisone shot, and the pain has been minimal since. More importantly, he directed me to a pedorthist, where I was fitted for othotics. The pedorthist seemed to have as good of a knowledge of pf as the podiatrist. He explain the mechanics of the foot, how pf developes, and how orthotic will help. I found out my hurting left heel is caused in part by a flat foot. I also, for the first time in my life was told my correct foot size...two sizes wider than those shoe salesmen tell you, since few of them stock EE widths! I will continute to stretch on the Prostretch (see previous message), and hope orthotics do the trick.

Re: Some Progress

BillC on 12/03/98 at 00:00 (002484)


New Balance sport shoes come in 2E and 4E widths, or go to http://www.wideshoes.com to find other wide shoes. Most of my feet problems have been caused because I could not find wide Hiking shoes.