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Dress Shoes with PF

Posted by Bill S on 12/02/98 at 00:00 (002471)

I have had PF now for about 10 months. I purchased a pair of Arizona Birkentocks last month and they are wonderful. I am pain free unless I stand for a real long time in my Birks. Very comfortable. I'm trying to find Dress/Casual shoes for work that feel as good as my Birks. I don't like the shape of Birkenstock dress shoes. I wear a pair of leather docker shoes with a 3/4 heel and have been trying different insoles and haven't had much luck. I have even tried the Birkenstock insoles and they just don't feel that comfortable. Can anyone recommend a good dress/casual shoe for PT people?



Re: Dress Shoes with PF

Diane F. on 12/02/98 at 00:00 (002475)

You might not be wearing the right size of the birk inserts, I found out from talking to Tony of Tony Grady's Shoe Tree in Canada. He recommended a smaller size and it seem to work, plus you have to break them in before they feel just right. They feel great and have helped me alot. I also have the birk sandals which I wear as slippers and to walk around in. My feet have really inproved! thanks to all the great help and advice of fellow ouchy feet people :) Good luck in your quest for the right shoes.

Re: Dress Shoes with PF

Michelle on 12/26/98 at 00:00 (002845)

I;ve finally found a pair of decent looking shoes that are
comfortable. I've been suffering with PF for over a year and was
sick of wearing reboks with inserts all the time, and my feet still
hurt. I met someone who had on Dansko clogs and she said they
were the best shoe she ever wore (she had PF too) Bought them
($90) but well worth it!