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underlying causes of PF

Posted by alex on 12/02/98 at 00:00 (002477)

One of the interesting facts about this wonderful website is that virtually no one makes any effort to look at the underlying causes of PF. Sure many people say that being overweight (which I am not) is a factor, but Western doctors (and patients) seem to want to do no more than treat the symptoms. This, of course, is extremely important for pain relief, but may not get to the real root of the problem. Working with Chinese doctors has been a real eye opener for me. Acupuncture has helped tremendously with the pain - now my heel is stiff in the mornings, and aches quite a lot, but I have not had any searing pain since being on the acupuncture course. I really feel that I am headed for an end to the pain altogether. But much more important, the doctor is attacking what he perceives as the real problem - that I have a circulation problem which sets the body up for problems like PF. Perhaps Western medicine should take more seriously underlying factors in the body, rather than rush in purely to treat symptoms.