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Evening pain

Posted by Becky on 12/02/98 at 00:00 (002479)

So much has been said about pain in the morning, I wonder what people do who have most of their pain in the evenings. Since I have had PF for four years, the morning pain isn't bad, it just gets worse as the day progresses. I almost wish I had that first five minutes in the morning pain then it goes away. Boy, that is the only time I don't hurt. Lately, I have been having horrible pain in my footin the evenings, sometimes right before bed. Now my leg is starting to ache too. I exercise (stationary life cycle) and lifting weights (no weight bearing) and sometimes swim laps. Now since I got hooked on the frozen coke bottle thing, I always am icing my foot, then I am taking my Tylenol with Codine and Aleve and Ibuprofen (please don't give me a lecture on how much med I take, I can't help it). For the past few weeks the pain either keeps me up or wakes me up once I am asleep. Anyone have any ideas. Staying off my feet completely helps the most and always has. By the way, just for people wondering who know me, I got the switchboard job that I was hoping to. Praise the Lord. I start next week, running shoes and all. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. Blessings

Re: Evening pain

Robin on 12/03/98 at 00:00 (002480)

I'm a novice at PF so I don't know how much help I can be. No solutions, just empathy. But I too have evening pain. Actually, I have chronic pain although not stabbing or crippling the way others report it. I just have a regular dull ache in both feet most of the time unless I am completely off of them for loooong periods of time. (Then of course I have crippling pain once I stand again, but we all know that story by heart.) Generally, my feet feel like I have been walking barefoot on gravel. I've been lucky to have worked in a place that let me wear running shoes all day and even use an ice pack on my feet during the day (as long as it was kind of hidden under the desk). It helped enough that I could actually walk, not hobble, to my car. Then of course icing, meds and elevation once I get home. Bearable, but no solution.

By the way Becky, I have read about 80% of the board -- and of your job search. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like you get to wear running shoes all day also, right? Hope so. Once they see how great you are at it -- maybe they will let you pull out a frozen Coke bottle now and then. Or maybe just a less visible cold pack. Never hurts to ask. Anyway, hang in there. The encouragement you have given to others on this board will surely work behind the scenes on your behalf. Robin

Re: Evening pain

eileen on 12/03/98 at 00:00 (002482)

Hi, I am sorry to hear about the severe pain you are experiencing. after more than three years of trying almost everything, I am mostly pain free. My only suggestion at this time is not to use the exersice bike and completely rest your feet for months. No exersice except twice daily stectching your calves. The exersice bike killed me, of course so didnt everything else I tried. But with you new job sitting, that will help the most, just short trips to the ladies room will keep you stretched out. I swear by the change in my lifestyle did more good than surgery. I do believe in orthotics, icing , and stretching, and birks. Glucosomine I tried for 6 months and did not do anything for me, everyone is different. Birks are great. TAKE IT SLOW and have patience. good luck.---------eileen

Re: Evening pain

Lori on 12/05/98 at 00:00 (002523)

What are birks?? Please let me know...I'm desperate for relief