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Thanks as always for the support and empathy

Posted by Becky on 12/03/98 at 00:00 (002490)

Yeah, I have started riding the life cycle becasue I have already started to gain all the weight I lost one year ago. I really work up a good sweat which I need to do. I also swim laps but don't feel I am gettin a very good work out. I will try to hold off on the bike till January. As far as a night splint. I have to have my sleep. I tried the Strassburg Sock about one year ago and it was the biggest waste of $ becasue it was uncomfortable (I sleep on my stomach) and it stretched out of shape and was of no use. One time recently I was in really bad pain and I made a splint (homemade) and I just couldn't keep it on. The sock was a great idea but it didn't help me. I go to the doctor on Tuesday and they might suggest something if I ask.