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Posted by Kate on 12/04/98 at 00:00 (002503)

Been reading the posts for several weeks, glad to have found so much support and information, it's terrific that we can be here to help each other.

I've had PF for nearly two years, had two shots which helped for awhile but the pain kept coming back. I practice yoga to keep in shape without damaging my feet, it's good for stretching my feet (and everything else) and I'm sure it's keeping me sane since I can't walk and hike like I used to (15 miles or so a week pre PF days).

Recently my pain has been releived, although I am not doing anything different except paying attention! Yahoo!

Anyway, regarding shoes...I've been wearing Birks for about 25 years, they are what I wear when I'm not working and I love them. For long walks or long times on my feet I wear Nikes cross trainers and the elevated heel is very comfortable. For work I need to dress well, I wear Aerosoles, they are fashionable and comfortable and do not cost a bundle. Aerosoles has a website, check it out if you need dressier shoes that offer good heel cushion.

Best to all of us and thanks for all the contributions!