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Permanent Injury

Posted by CJ. Mitchell on 12/04/98 at 00:00 (002506)

Went to see another doctor that I had consulted before my foot was put in cast. The day after cast came off, he said maybe that this was going to be at least a year or more, and possibly a permanent injury to my foot.
The more I try to get it to heal, the more, it hurts. I have no help at home, and am suppose to be off my foot completely.
Am wearing a bandage that is removable (after 6 weeks in a cast, I needed a good hot bath) and wearing ankle brace.
Now my foot is swelling alot and hurts worse. Even at night when it is off, I still don't get any rest.
I have tried about everything I can think of from foot rubs and baths, pillows and beyond.
I need some moral support. Have been writing to other delphi board, and wish to say thank you to all that have written to me from there.
CJ Mitchell

Re: Permanent Injury

Bea on 12/04/98 at 00:00 (002509)

Ice is the only thing that really helps. My problem is with my achilles heel so I wrap it in cold compresses whenever I am off my feet. Anytime I'm on my feet I swell and the ice does work, even tho the pain doen't ever go completely away. Good Luck. Bea