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Posted by laurie on 12/05/98 at 00:00 (002518)

Wow Bill!

Thanks for taking the time to write to the board to let us know the above.. Congratulations on your efforts & how far you've come. Must be a relief to finally be feeling better. How long will you keep the air cast on? What exactly is an air cast? I've sort of done all options it seems for my foot, aside from a cast of any type & at my next appt., I believe that will be pending. You must have gotten to the point of feeling better in order to walk 30 minutes a day, what a setback. Good luck to you Bill & Thanks a lot.


Re: thanks..

Bill on 12/05/98 at 00:00 (002521)

An Aircast is a removable cast that has 4 air pockets that can be inflated. There are apparently two types, one is a splint the other a foot cast. I am in the foot cast. I wear my insert inside for the support. The podiatrist told me that he will evaluate me every three weeks. He feels that at 6 weeks I can stop wearing it during the day, but will continue to wear for up to six months at night. I plan to ease back into walking and start at .25 mile and increase .25 mile a week till I am back to doing a mile to a 1.5 mile, about 20 to 35 minutes for me. I have come to realize also that I need the support of a cane to relieve some of the pressure off my heel, especially walking more than around the house. I have a LEKI cane, their WEB site states that walking sticks reduce stress up to 250 tons of accumulated stress on knees over a 8 hour period.

My biggest frustration was realizing I had symptoms for the past 20 years. If I had been bit smarter I would have realized that really 'sore feet' could be a sigh for other things.