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adhesions in the Plantar fasciial!

Posted by Julie Kanter on 12/05/98 at 00:00 (002534)

The foot person I see says the pain I have in the arch of my foot if from adhesions in the plantar fasciial. She recommends putting lots of pressure from my thumbs on this area to 'pop' or break down the adhesions. It is painful. Any suggestions for other treatment?

Re: adhesions in the Plantar fasciial!

DaNita on 12/07/98 at 00:00 (002552)

wow that sounds painful, How can that get rid of the adhesions? I had an injection that was suppose to break down scaring in my foot but it didn't help at all. I can hardley walk let alone poke my feet that way. Good Luck

Re: adhesions in the Plantar fasciial!

Ruth on 12/08/98 at 00:00 (002570)

If you can get rid of the adhesions you can get rid of the pain. My chiropractor breaks up the adhesions with a technique called Active Release Therapy (ART). Very few chiropractors are trained to use this technique and the one person I know who tried someone other than my chiropractor did not have good results. Parenthetically, what she described did not sound like the treatment I got. If you call Dr. Mike Leahy, he's somewhere in Colorado, (719) 473-7000, he has a book that lists those people certified in ART. Best of luck.