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Posted by BarbZ on 12/07/98 at 00:00 (002547)

I just came back from 4 days in Las Vegas and then another 4 days at a craft show in Chicago standing on the cement. I wore the Memphis enclosed Birk the entire time and swear they are better than the Arizona Birks which I continue to wear at home. In the colder weather, wearing socks the Memphis has been a lifesaver. This also was the first trip ever that I have not had blisters on my toes. The toebox of the shoes are spacious enough that when the feet begin to swell the toes actually have space to move. They are the best shoe ever. I will, of course, continue to wear the Arizonas in the summer as my only shoe and as my slippers during the winter in the house. In answer to the SAS shoes which I wore the previous summer, I cannot put them on now and take two steps. Arizonas beat them hands down.