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Anyone heard of Heel "Pain" Syndrome??

Posted by rae on 12/08/98 at 00:00 (002583)

I've been a runner for 17 years. Out of the blue this past August I experienced a very painful bottom of my left heel after a run. I went out running a few more times that week thinking it was nothing and that it would pass, however, about an hour or two after those runs, I was in great pain! I went to see a doctor and he took an x-ray ... told me I did not have a spur but just 'heel pain' syndrome. I wore a night plastic-type cast for 60 days and did not run. I also did stretching exercises. After almost 90 days I went out for a mile run .... the pain was just as great as day one! The doctor did give me heel pads but I found I was in more pain wearing them then without them. Is there a difference between heel pain and heel spur syndrome? I'll be going back to the doctors ... boy, do I miss running!

Re: Anyone heard of Heel "Pain" Syndrome??

Chance on 12/08/98 at 00:00 (002586)

You can have plantar fasciitis, which most of us on this site have, without an actual spur. It's a ligament on the bottom of the foot problem. I am trying all sorts of remedies and am determined to cure this. It's been 9 months. The suggestions on this site are much more helpful than the doctor.

Re: Anyone heard of Heel "Pain" Syndrome??

Becky on 12/08/98 at 00:00 (002588)

Heel pain syndrone is common. I have heel spurs but that is not what causes the pain. I also have ( we all do ) have something called plantar Fasciitis or heel pain syndrone. Either name will do.
Heel pain syndrone is the same pain we all have but no spurs, it is weird, you just messed up or tore your fascia and are hurting bad from ripped, inflamed and yucky plantar fascia. So sorry!

Re: Anyone heard of Heel "Pain" Syndrome??

John on 12/09/98 at 00:00 (002597)

Rae, I am guessing that by now you have figured out that you have PF. I am a runner of 25 years and have had it for 8 months. Just as you, I tried to run thru it. No way. If you have not already done so, read Scott's main document in this site. It is the best source of information on what works that I know of. Find out what works for you. I have been reading this message board for about 4 months. One thing is for sure, no two cases of Pf are alike and everyone responds to different things. One thing that I believe works for everyone is rest. For many of us, thats tough to do. Its hard to get around without using your feet. For a runner though, you can avoid that. For me, a combination of things seems to be working. The shots I had (2) were a waste of time. Things that worked for me are orthotics(custom and drug store), stretching, vitamine C, glucosamine sulfate, a Strasburg sock, and no running. Best of luck in your search and I hope you get back to running.