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Birk sizes don't make sense. Help Please !

Posted by Barb on 12/08/98 at 00:00 (002585)

I had to purchase Arizona Birks in size 44N to not have my outer toes hit the outside ridge on each step I took. I wear a ladies 11 M in Easy Spirit and Dexter and almost everything else. According to the size charts on the Birk site I should be wearing a 42 at most. This makes no sense to me? The toe shape pf the Birks leaves space at the big toe area in my Arizonas.

I am concerned because I would like to get some Boston model or other closed toe Birks for winter and don't want to spend a fortune so thought I could do email and save a bit. I can wear the easy spirit typre loafers for several hours but the Birk Arizonas have saved my feet and my good nature. I want more of this pain relief
Birks are a blessing. Thank you all for this good site and good advice. I lurk often, Barb

Re: Birk sizes don't make sense. Help Please !

Diane F. on 12/10/98 at 00:00 (002616)

The birk sizes are based on german scale. You really have to go to a birk store the first time and try a few kind and sizes out. Then you can buy at other stores or online once you know which sizes to get. The shoes sizes are not the same as the sandals, so be careful there hehe. I agree the sizes are crazy but the sandals are super for my feet and saved my sanity :). Good luck.