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Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Posted by Kristin on 12/12/98 at 00:00 (002644)

Had first cortisone shot on Monday. Tuesday quite tender, but ever since Wednesday my heel feels great. I've read from most of you that it doesn't last long. Interested in hearing when you're pain started coming back, and if it did were you conservative or did you become overly enthusiastic and do too much too soon? I've been icing, stretching, and only riding the lifecycle and doing the stairmill and am quite content with that. For those who are runners, the stairmill really simulates a good tough run up a looooong hill. Doesn't bother my heel at all because no pressure is being applied. Hope your healing is going well.

Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Bea on 12/12/98 at 00:00 (002650)

The cortozone can last anywhere from a month to 6 months, again I caution you, Cortosone is not a cure & is very dangerous. I think you are doing too much. Overexcercising helped get you in the position you are in and you should be careful not to overdo. Rest & icing are still the best comforts I have found.

Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Becky on 12/13/98 at 00:00 (002652)

My first cortizone back in May of 1995, lasted several months. The next one lasted a month or two. After that, lasted not very long at all. If you don't get complete relief from the one shot, forget it.

Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Sally T. on 12/13/98 at 00:00 (002659)

My first cortisone lasted one month. The second did nothing at all. I will never have another. Much too painful.

Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Kristin on 12/13/98 at 00:00 (002663)

Thank you for your comments, it seems to be a pattern that the more shots you have the more ineffective they become. But I do have to disagree with Bea, I was not overexercising when I got this injury (only running 10-12 miles pr week, Dr's have corrected a foot mechanics problem with orthotics) and the exercise that I am doing now is putting no stress on the area that is injured, and I am religious about stretching and icing. I do agree that resting is good, but to a certain point. I took six months off and admit began feeling quite sorry for myself. I now swim 2 times a week, and do the bike and stairmill 2-3 times pr week which puts no stress on my heel, and I'm lifting weights which is strengthening muscles that I had neglected when I was focused on my running. In recent weeks I have spoken to several people who have had PF cases that have lasted quite awhile BUT THEY DID RECOVER. In fact, one just finished the NY Marathon with a PR. But I am still interested in finding out from those who had the shots and the pain returned, if they did completely rest or do too much too soon? Thanks for your replies. Take care.

Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

John on 12/14/98 at 00:00 (002669)

Kristin, I have had 2 shots. Both were painful but not too bad. Both caused more pain on the day after. After that, the first one decreased the pain for about a week. The second one lasted about 3 days. No more for me. They are a waste of time and with the added dangers, just not worth the risk for me. By the way, I am a runner. Since I cannot run, I have been doing weights and stairmaster. The stairmaster seems to be a good exercise for me. I can hang my heel off the back of the peddle. It does not seem to cause any problems. My gym also has a machine that has a motion very similiar to running. Your feet are in peddles and there is no impact. I have been using this machine and like it. It is as close to running as you can get. Good luck in your efforts to recover from PF.