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1st visit to podiatrist

Posted by Bobbie on 12/12/98 at 00:00 (002647)

My family doctor finally sent me to see a podiatrist. He at least understood my problem and took my symptoms serious. He taped my foot to see if I obtained any relief before prescribing any orthodics. Since I have tried everything there is to try, he doesn't want to duplicate what I have already tried. He seems to think that I may have some nerve entrapment as well as the PF. I am to call him back in a couple of days and let him know if I feel any improvement. We will see - I have tried taping before but he taped it a lot different and a lot better than I did. So here we go again.

Re: 1st visit to podiatrist

Robin on 12/13/98 at 00:00 (002662)

Sounds like you may have found a good doc. At least he listens to the remedies you have already tried, doesn't want to duplicate them, and is attempting to see how you will respond to orthotics before you must lay down the $300-$400. Doesn't sound half bad.

I'm going for my 2nd podiatrist soon. First one was a little too greedy for me -- custom made orthotics was his ONLY recommendation. Maybe the 2nd one will listen and work with me a little, the way yours seems to. Good luck, keep us posted, okay?