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Posted by janet on 12/13/98 at 00:00 (002654)

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with tendonitis in their feet? I have always been convinced that my foot pain has been misdiagnosed. The pain in my arches seems to be deeper in the foot than the plantar fascia bands.

Also, does anyone know how to treat tendonitis?

Final question. Has anyone ever ruptured the PF and what does that feel like? How painful is it? Can you still walk?

Re: tendonitis

paige on 12/14/98 at 00:00 (002674)

I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my foot about 12 years ago. I had extreme pain in my arches as well as swelling in my foot. The pain was similar to that of PF, but extended more into the arch. I was told to rest my foot, which I didn't do, and 2 weeks later ended up in a boot cast to stabilize my foot. I have had little trouble with my foot until this summer, and was just diagnos. The doctor did feel that the tendonitis could have been a contributing factor to PF. Good luck, neither diagnosis is fun.