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Insoles and then surgery

Posted by CJ Mitchell on 12/15/98 at 00:00 (002703)

Went back to doctor today, and he could tell I had not been off my feet like I was suppose to be. My heel is very tender and swollen.
He made a set of insoles for me to wear permanently, and they are sent off for casting. We will get them back in about two weeks. I am to wear them but after first of year, looks like I will be having surgery to take the pain off of ligaments.
I am not fond of this, but it has been 6 months with no progress, and I do have bone spurs too.
He said operation 'should' help, but I am a stubborn case, and I heal very slowly. Even more so, when I don't stay off my feet when I am suppose to.

Have told family of situation, and they were very upset about it. They are all big enough to take care of themselves, 27 and 19 plus hubby is 60.
Doctor said I had to be complete bedrest and off feet for at least three months or more.
Looks like I will be trying to get a cleaning person to come in and help out around here.
If I don't, he threatened to put me into a nursing home to make sure I did nothing.

As I said, I am not looking forward to any of this, but I would love just to have one day pain free.
Since this was mostly caused by car accident for me, the guy who hit me does have insurance, and his company is NOT happy either.
Anyone have any idea about cost for permanent injury that they have to pay for??
I was told to get a lawyer by doctor, but don't have any idea of who to think of getting.
I live in Indpls. Indiana, and of course, there are plenty on tv and in the phone book, but I have had no experience with them.
I would be happy for them to just get all my bills paid for. Already owe close to $2,000 for Podiatrist and then if he does surgery, I have no idea what the rest of it will be.
The insoles cost me out of my pocket now $150. My health insurance does not cover this expense.
Can you get the other insurance to pay any of claim before everything is settled??
Appreciate any help.

CJ Mitchell

Re: Insoles and then surgery

Bea on 12/15/98 at 00:00 (002705)

The first thing you must bo is get a lawyer & don't even talk to the other insurance co. If you do not know a lawyer check with the American Bar Association or see if there is some professional legal association in Indianapolis. CHeck with city hall if there is no listing in the phone book and they probably can steer you or give you some advice. You definately need legal advise as to what to do. As far as the surgury, I don't know what to tell you. If you check through the messages you will read time after time of people who had surgury and are sorry because they went through a lot & didn't find any relief. I haven't had the experience so I can't say. Good Luck & be sure & get legal advise first of all.

Re: Insoles and then surgery

Robin on 12/16/98 at 00:00 (002712)

I agree with Bea on the legal issue. If you are going to sue, get yourself a heavy duty lawyer and let him or her do all the talking about payments. It may take some time to research a decent lawyer. Like anything else, it's worth it to put in the time and effort necessary. ASK everyone -- friends, neighbors, coworkers, church members -- for recommendations.

Please think carefully about surgery, and maybe rethink. If you read the posts on this board, you will find many people who were not helped by surgery. You will also find lots of alternatives available less invasive and dramatic (and more reversible) than surgery. Maybe a stupid question -- but if you are having custom insoles or orthotics made that will finished around Jan. 1, don't you think it's premature for your doctor to schedule surgery so soon after the New Year? Anyway, good luck, but I do hope you think real carefully about surgery.