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A sure cure!

Posted by Beth on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002720)

I had horrible heel pain for over a year and a half. I couldn't take walks, go shopping, and after a rest, I hobbled around like a 90 year old. I had tried Birkenstocks, magnetic soles, etc., etc., all to no avail. However, I read a medical journal article about using a night splint. My doctor ordered one for me, and it's absolutely amazing! I immediately noticed an improvement, and after using it for a month, I consider myself cured! No more pain - it's so great. I have to admit, the splint is a little aggravating to sleep with, but it's worth it!

Re: A sure cure!

Kathy on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002721)

What kind of night splint is it? Does it have a brand name? Do you wear it every night? I am in the process of gathering information on all of these things to start trying myself. Your letter sure caught my attention. Thanks alot

Re: A sure cure! - NOT!

Gina on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002722)

Like most things attempting to treat PF, night splints may really help SOME people. Sorry to say, night splints didn't do anything to relieve my pain.

Re: A sure cure!

janet on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002723)

My ortho surgeon prescribed night splints for me too. He said it will take at least 6 months for me to notice a dramatic improvement. I've been wearing them religiously for two months now and I do notice a slight improvement. I'm not so stiff in the morning. However, my pain is still pretty bad (can't walk or stand for more than 10 min.). In addition to the splints I started PT and had a cortisone injection in one heel last week. Together these treatment modalities are improving my condition. I noticed a 15% reduction in pain from the shot, and more mobility and less stiffness from the PT. Good luck all. I think this program will be my way back to health.

Re: A sure cure!

Robin on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002725)

Kathy, there are orthotic and medical suppliers all over the net with different kinds of night splints, anywhere from $45 to $100. Suggest you try a good search engine and look up night splints and orthotics. You'll get dozens of matches and possibilities, with pictures (and great claims of success, of course) and diagrams -- and then make decisions based on what you can live with.

There are so many approaches to resolving PF, and there are testimonials about most of them on this site. Personally, I can say that glucosamine sulfate is helping me a little, along with correct shoes (the Birk type of heelbed and arch support) and Spenco OTC orthotic inserts. Not great but not bad.

I'm convinced that there is a PF remedy for each of us but I don't know about a sure cure. After all -- this board has 2700+ posts. It's not easy.

Re: A sure cure!

William on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002731)

Hello, what do you mean?

Re: A sure cure!

debbie on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002732)

Sorry, but I've had a nite splint for over a year. I was so chronic, it didn' help me. It did relieve the pain for awhile sometimes, but it didn't last. Glad it helped you, but I wouldn't call it a cure yet. Only temporary relief. But then again, maybe it did work for you. Hope so. If not, do what I did. Acupuncture!

Re: A sure cure! Thanks for more info!

Kathy on 12/17/98 at 00:00 (002735)


Thanks for the info. I had a cortizone shot in my right heel yesterday (so far not much relief) and I started PT today. I also have custom made orthoticts, but they really bother my feet after a couple of hours. I am thinking of trying the glucosamine sulfate and birks. Is there a particuler Spenco insert that you use? Do you ice your feet? You're right , this is not easy

Re: A sure cure! Thanks for more info!

Robin on 12/18/98 at 00:00 (002738)

Hi Kathy. I haven't tried custom orthotics yet -- I am avoiding the $300 outlay before I have to make it. Spenco makes a 3/4 length orthotic and a full length orthotic. The actual plastic orthotic part ends right below your arch, so the difference is whether you want a full length rubber insole or not.They're the same price. I bought the 3/4 ones. You can get them at medical supply stores and some shoe stores, about $23. Packaging says you can throw them in boiling water to reshape,but I haven't done that yet. I may though. They work for me, I believe, because I need a high arch and a low heel bed.

Used to ice my feet religiously. Not doing it much anymore unless they are really killing me. I recently bought this pair of Eastland sandals and they are the difference between night and day. I estimate about a 75% pain reduction, maybe more. So now I may spring for the Birks too. I need to find out more about stretching too and making sure that the stretches I do are effective. Don't want to make a bad situation worse. There's not enough evidence on this board that night splints are truly effective for me -- and a few people have reported worsening. Finally, I am considering acupuncture for the future. Lots of research is necessary before I take that step. Stay in touch. Good luck!

Re: A sure cure! Thanks for more info! Acupuncture

Rita on 12/20/98 at 00:00 (002758)

Went to a lecture by an acupuncturist/pain management specialist/anesthesiologist, the other night. I asked him about acupuncture for PF. He said he has not had much success. Said that he had the best results with physical therapy. Good luck!