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Posted by Becky on 12/18/98 at 00:00 (002749)

Being that I am on and offline I am not able to keep in touch with this board as I would like. I have 17 people on my PF mailing list on my juno account. Would you please e-mail me your e-mail address if you would be willing to keep in touch with me (I don't give it out or anything, this is just a way where I can let eveyone know about the Ossatron test study that I am participlating in etc and a way I know I can get support when needed)? If you wouldn't mind being apart of my little mailing I send out, I would greatly appreciate it
God bless and have a great, relaxing and painless as possible weekend.

Becky in Chattanooga


janet on 12/20/98 at 00:00 (002759)


I would appreciate hearing any information you'd be willing to share re the Ossatron trial. Thanks for the offer.