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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrone & PlantarFasciitis togather

Posted by roy on 12/20/98 at 00:00 (002765)

Well it seem just when life is painful and depressing walking around in pain ;the poditrist finds something else Tarsal Tunnel Syndrone nerve problems tingling and burning on the bottom of my foot and pain in my ankle.Anyone had these problems together.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrone & PlantarFasciitis togather

Sally T. on 12/21/98 at 00:00 (002767)

Roy, I, too, have this problem. I had surgery on my left foot in June of this year for both tarsal tunnel and plantar fasciitis. It is also in my right foot. I don't feel I got much relief from the surgery to warrent having it on my right foot. I'm trying several things I learned from this site, including splinting both feet at night, stretching, ibuprofen, and gucosomine. It was feeling better until this morning when I steped on my foot wrong. Now it hurts again, so I'm icing them. I know what we need is to rest our feet, but at this time of year, who can do that? Hope you feel better soon.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrone & PlantarFasciitis togather

roy on 12/21/98 at 00:00 (002769)

Thanks Sally for the info and the words of encouragement..

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrone & PlantarFasciitis togather

Bobbie on 12/21/98 at 00:00 (002782)

I think I must have the same problem because my ankle hurts, down my foot and into my toes. Almost feels like I have twisted my ankle but I haven't. Sometimes I have tingling in my foot and toes. So, not only does my heel hurt and the bottom of my foot but the side and top of my foot hurt as well. The more I am on it the more it hurts. I saw the podiatrist once and he thought there might be some Tarsal Tunnel problems but now I have to wait to get another referral from my family doctor to find out for sure. (HMO's - yuck!) Anyway, I wondered about surgery but from reading Sally's experience, it doesn't sound like it works. Let me know if you find something that helps.