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Greetings form new reader

Posted by Tory in SE Missouri on 12/27/98 at 00:00 (002854)

Hi! I just found this site. It's great. Am amazed at how much good can be found on teh web.

Anyway, have had heel spurs for 10 years and have been through 3 doctors and 3 types of custom orthotics (all helped - also had foam pads with all of them to keep from getting blisters on my tender feet). Sometimes feet are bad and sometimes OK. I've never had the shots or surgery 'cause I have a needle phobia. Mostly I've just adjusted my life - until lately.

I'm really glad I found this site. I spent 3-4 months last winter in a boot for bad tendonitis and this fall I was suddenly realizing that I was actually able to walk *this* year. Yea! It's amazing how heady it is to actually be able to walk heel to toe instead of just planting one's feet down - flat footed. I guess I got cocky and thought if I can do a whole shopping session at Super Wal-Mart and not be in misery afterwards (or have to use a motorized cart), how about starting a little treadmill walking? I only did 5 minutes, slowly, and I've been in agony ever since. Argh! Back to the old routine of not being able to walk after sitting for awhile or first thing in the morning. Until I found this site, I was thinking about giving in and asking for surgery - a major, major step for a needle coward like me.

Here I've seen lots of good comments about stretching and lots of negative feedback on shots and surgery. Yea! Being a phobic prograstinator finally has it's rewards.

Also, on the subject of shoes - I'll say 1) Xtra Depth shoes are great, but expensive ($120). I've got 5 pairs now, but the 'prettier' ones (relatively speaking - hey! after a year in 5 pound, black, lace-ups almost anything is an improvement) are made from deerskin or something else very soft. They scrape up too easily and it's hard to keep them looking nice. 2) Only dresses/skirts I wear now are long ones (I can really sympathize with the lady who talked about a ball gown and ugly shoes. Even if we're resigned, other folks can make some pretty insensitive comments at times.) 3) I just found the New Balance web page and they talk about shoes that have extra depth for orthotics. At the same time I found in the Lane Bryant catalog (first time I'd bothered to look at shoe section)a brand called Comfortables that are extra depth for orthotics with wide widths available too. They're only $50. Only problem is it doesn't look like they can be resoled like the Xtra Depth ones (a twice a year routine for me, by now).

Good luck to all my previously unknown fellow sufferers. At least it's nice to know there's a lot more folks out there struggling with the same problems.

Tory in Se Missouri

Re: Greetings form new reader

Bobbie on 12/27/98 at 00:00 (002861)

Welcome! I have found a lot of comfort from this site as well. I think I have tried most everything and like you, I have good days and bad days. Tomorrow I will try acupuncture. Some people seem to have good results with it and I have nothing to lose. It's nice to be able to talk to others who understand the pain and frustration you deal with on a daily basis.

Re: Greetings form new reader

Orie on 12/28/98 at 00:00 (002882)

Tory , read my post 12/28/98

Re: Greetings form new reader

Dayna on 12/28/98 at 00:00 (002887)

Stay with us, new ideas are posted nearly every day, and I have found it very helpful to have a way to connect to other people who share our pain. I'd like to know why pretty shoes can't be made for us, I wear mostly longer skirts too, but find that it just contributes to my feelings of 'old granny in dumpy clothes and orthopedic shoes'. I'm the lady with the ball gowns and orthopedic shoes, but at least I didn't lose my job as has happened to others with our condition where there was a strict dress code that stated women will wear heels, no exceptions. I still every great once in a while wear a low pair for an hour or so if I know I will be mostly sitting and there's just no way I can face clomping around in my 'nursey Nancy' orthopedics, but I know that I will pay for it with pain the next day. Luckily this job has fewer 'formal events' than the previous one, but then again the previous one had a health plan that allowed me to see my podiatrist without a referral which I can't get now (see my earlier post about '... and still in pain if you want the whole wretched story).