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Heel Spurs

Posted by Orie on 12/28/98 at 00:00 (002881)

About 15 years ago I had heel spurs on both of my feet and was running a small retail business by myself, when I suffered from this pain. After seeing a foot doctor on my half day closing of the store he injectd my heels and got me on my feet again. He told me that my only permanent solution was surgery or continuiing the painful shots. I could not shut down my store to halve the surgery and was without a solution. My wife mentioned at her job that I had thi problem and her boss told her tmake an appointment with Dr. Boswell of Boswell Clinic in Dallas because he solved his wife's same problem. I had been to the clinic some time before for another reason and decided to go see him. He gave me a cure that was unbelievable. He said that he did not know why it worked but it just did. He told me to buy a pair of shoes with LEATHER SOLES and LEATHER HEELS and thi would solve my problem. Sure enough the spurs went away which he said they would have any way in time by themselves. Anyhow I got a spur back in one of my feet 3 days ago and had an old pair of shoes with leather soles and am on the way to the shoemaker for leather heels. Anybody who suffers with this pain needs to use this cure, we all wear shoes anyhow. Let me know on this board of the results.