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Posted by Becky on 12/28/98 at 00:00 (002900)

Becky here, have suffered for four years. I don't expect Ossatron to be a 'quick fix'. It is my only hope. I have done it all. Won't bother to whine but we'll soon see if the real thing really does work. I am having my treatment followed closely by a doctor here in the US by one of the top doctors. I am confident that this is going to work. No doctor has ever used the words 'pain free' except my doctor when referring to the Ossatron. IF you pray, pray that this works for me. Yes I am still in pain, sitting most of the day. For those of you who listen and read thank you. None of us could make it.
Voice your opinion, voice your pain, voice your disagreements, we should always be here for each other. No one else on this earth understands that we can't stand for five minutes or can't join in hiking with our family. Scott thanks for this board, it saves our sanity. Lets be open to this or that treatment. Stretching doesn't really help me nor do birks but icing does help my excruciating pain at times. For others icing doesn't help, but Birks do help. Get my drift. For Debbie, she is going to say accupuncture all the way. That has helped her about 90%. Blessings and prayers my beloved friends. IF you want to find out about how my Ossatron goes the beginning of January, e-mail me at (email removed) and I will keep you posted and Scott I had to include you even though you didn't ask, you are like MR PF

Thanks for reading this....