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Re: questions on acupuncture

Posted by Robin on 12/29/98 at 00:00 (002931)

Gina, Barbara, Debbie, Alex too, or anyone else with experience -- I am considering acupuncture in the future. One of my big concerns in any treatment modality (especially one where I'm footing the whole bill and the treatment is somewhat invasive) is -- how to evaluate the credentials of the practitioner. I figure if I start exploring soon -- maybe I can find a good one by the time I am ready. (or maybe I'll cancel the search)

I am interested in your advice on how to locate a qualified practitioner when I really know very little about acupuncture, qualifications, etc. Debbie, I know you have described your practitioner at length -- but how exactly did you find him? Where did you start, who did you ask and if you hit any dead ends after you started, what did you do then? I live in Florida and there is actually a teaching institute for Chinese medicine about 20 miles away so I thought that might be a good place to begin -- but beyond that, I have no idea. Thanks for any advice.

Re: questions on acupuncture

Bobbie on 12/29/98 at 00:00 (002939)

I had my first treatment yesterday and have another one tomorrow. I haven't noticed any diference yet but had to be on my feet a lot today at work which didn't help. I saw a podiatrist once and he wants me to see a neurologist because he thinks I have some nerve impingement. I figured I would try the acupuncture first. The doctor is a woman and she practices the Chinese method. I will keep you advised on how my treatments go and I will be interested to know if you find someone in your area.

Re: questions on acupuncture

debbie on 12/30/98 at 00:00 (002947)

HI Robin
I looked in the phone book and I asked everyone I knew if they knew anyone who had acu done and who they went to and was it a success. More than one person recommended this Dr. to me. I went t o talk with him and spent an hour and a half there learning and asking questions. He seemed to genuinely care about my condition and was positive when I told him my goals, to go back to aerobics. He didn't charge me for the visit. He showe me the needles and even stuck one in his hand for me to see. He showed me all his certificates and I already knew he had his own clinic in China. He studied acu for 7 years. Some Drs. study for a couple mos and consider themselves acupuncturists. Find someone who has studied for at least 3 years. He also showed me letters patients wrote to commend him, including the top cancer Dr. at University Hospital. don't be afraid to ask questions and be comfortable with the dr. you choose. good luck.