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More Arch pain then heel pain

Posted by Judy on 12/30/98 at 00:00 (002941)

I started having pain in both my arches when ever I stood up or when I got out of bed in the morning. It felt like something was stretching in my arch. I have read alot of articles about plantar fasciitis and they talk about heel pain not pain in the arches. I have a sore spot on my heel it hurts when I try to slide my foot into or out of a shoe that is tied or when I lay on my back and my heels are resting on the bed. But my real pain is in my arches when I first stand up. I have been to see my Dr. (GP) and he sugested buying Asics runners they seem to help as long as I have them on. My feet still hurt first thing in the morning.Is this plantar fasciitis? I would like some more info before I go back to the Dr. Please HELP. THANKS

Re: More Arch pain then heel pain

Diane F. on 12/30/98 at 00:00 (002942)

I think it is the start of pf at least. When I was younger and later I felt many times like someone was sawing my arch in half. I had this constant but did not know what is was and doctors could never tell me what was wrong ( what new about that!)I know I have pf now, so it could be a warning or just mean you can get it easier? I wish I knew what I know now and maybe could have avoided this crappy illness.
The pain first thing in the morning sounds is one of the sign of pf so I would be real careful with your feet and don't take no or saying it is nothing from the doctor. You have a real problem and not your imagination, which if you can do something about, can help you not to damage you feet futher. There is a lots of good information on this board and you can try and see what helps you and not,everyone is different and so will the treatment. The birks have been a godsend to me and their blue inserts too and all the advice from fellow feet people. Good Luck :)

Re: More Arch pain then heel pain

Robin on 12/30/98 at 00:00 (002943)

Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Morning pain seems to be one of the universal symptoms. I used to have a high arch. As my age increases, my arch descends. My foot is real flexible, I used to be a heavy duty walker, and so of course pronation was a problem. Podiatrist said I have probably been over stretching that plantar fascia for years now. (I guess walking barefoot on the beach didn't help either.) Anyway, I too have noticable arch pain when my arch is not being supported well. Birkenstock shoes are good in that regard -- good arch support, low footbed. (Now if I can just eliminate the rest of the pain....)

Judy, suggest you read Scott's main PF document, plus the posts on this board that seem pertinent. A lot of people on this board have been either neglected or abused by the medical profession. Their experiences have helped to guide me in considering different medical (or non-medical) interventions and what approaches I want to take for myself. One thing I'd like to suggest though -- you might want to rethink that routine of sliding your feet out of tied shoes without untying them. I think you might increase any damage that has already been done.

Re: More Arch pain then heel pain

Suzy on 12/31/98 at 00:00 (002959)

I to have the arch pain. I have PF and had a horrible time with cramping in the foot as well. Read lots and stay in touch. Its a tuff one. Good luck to you :)

Re: More Arch pain then heel pain - Judy

Sandy on 1/10/99 at 00:00 (003206)

Judy - I agree with Gail. It sounds like you have pf but slipping into and out of shoes puts a lot of stress on your arch because of the pulling and pushing motion. I have a very high arch as well. I was a ballet dancer and used to have steel shanks put in the soles of my toe shoes because my arch was so high and strong I would break the sole. My feet hurt when resting on the heel as well, and in the morning, I would wake up massaging my arches with my feet. Read 'Feel Fine in '99 Just Say yes' by Pamela. She has some excellent advise on taking care of your feet that I wish I had considered years ago. It's on the previous page and worth looking up. Good luck.