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Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Posted by Mary D on 12/31/98 at 00:00 (002962)

Hi, I am so glad to know this is not all in my head! I have been suffering for over 6 years. Both feet! The pain is like a vice clamp on my feet. I try to work through the pain, but as you all know it is not always and option. I am going to see a pod in two weeks. I do not have much confidence in this. It is the same one I saw 6 years ago and had my feet taped and had to wear boots to bed. Really romantic! I have to go to the same doc due to insurance. I will let you know if he learned anything new in 6 years!
I am glad I read this site before the appointment. Now I am more up on the latest stuff and refuse to lose this battle at least in the docs office.
One good thing that came of the PF diagnose. Now my husband realizes this is real. He was such a stickler about 'no shoes in the house.' He now is helping me find the perfect shoe for indoors and outdoors use. My kids are also working with me. When they see mom struggle to get to the kitchen, they are more patient and usually sugggest I sit and they get what they asked for(they ar 6 yr old twins). Today my son suggested I take a break and soak my feet.
If all that ever comes of this is a better understanding of why, and we start treating ouselves and others with more compassion, it is worth the tears. So what if I can't do the marathon aerobic classes and the cross country bike rides anymore. Now I am learning to do other things. I take shorter walks around the block and I work from home alot more. I try to save my good days for things I miss (the list is long). I am still in great pain-some days are better than others, it helps to know this is not all in my head. If I were the only person with this...then I would really crash with sorrow.
I will continue to streach and use my wind bike and soon I know I will be 'back on my feet.'
As I said before...I resolve that in '99 I WILL FEEL FINE! I'll let you know how it goes.
So when 'they' say 'put your best foot forward', I will offer instead great thoughts and other body parts thank you!
Thake care.
Mary D

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Sandy in Ohio on 12/31/98 at 00:00 (002969)

I just started having problems this past June...didn't know what it was and finally broke down in November and went to the podiatrist. He
has given me 2 cortisone shots which have not helped at all. He advised me to wear shoes with heels, which is what I do now. THe pain the in the morning kills me and when I sit for long periods, then get up, it hurts. However, when I wear shoes with heels, the pain is not as severe. I just started checking out this web site and have learned a lot from it. My family still doesn't understand...you are truly blessed. In my part-time job, I am on my feet for 3-4 hours. You can imagine the pain I'm in the next day. Luckily, in my full time job, I sit mostly. Does standing on your feet aggrivate it? It seems to for me, but I was just curious since I've only had this problem now for 7 months.

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Mary D on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002970)

Hi Sandy. WOW heels! I had to toss my heels 6 years ago! Try to change your shoes several times through-out the day. This sound nuts but is works. I love birks too. I also like Rockports.
I do not think I will try shots..that sound too painfule to me. Yes getting out of bed is painful. While I sit at my desk I do stretching of my calves and feet. I stand alot too as a mom. I stood at my past jobs too. The problem hit hard after the pregancy. I had to stop teaching aerobics and then went to water aerobics. The water was great! Wear real shoes..tenis shoes or try water shoes for water aerobics. Don't wear beach shoes or streatch ones. It matters. I had to stop because my skin rashed in the water.
As for you family, they do not understand the new you not doing the old stuff. Find new stuff that does not cause too much stress. Re-create yourself. I thing sometimes I try to be 16 again. I miss 16. but now it is time to move on and be what I am. I will be doing new stuff this year. I will keep you posted. I plan to re-invite myself, pain and all and find things I can do with my kids and still have fun.
I am not going to let this get me. I understand why people do not understand my pain, I pray they never feel my pain.
I now take ballet! Really! My teacher has the same foot problem. She knows what it takes for me to make class. While I may not leap or hop around too much, I have fun
! And I feel good for stretching and getting out. Find something to do that is good for your spirit and body. Even if it is just 10 miniutes a day. I really feel if we let our body stop...they will never remember how to start again.
I may not run a race (I never did) I will walk aroung the block, maybe twice.
Keep in touch, and keep moving! Even if it is in your seat

PS, I really like my Dr. Scholls for bath/messager too! So do my kid.
Take care.

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Sally T. on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002972)

Mary D, I LOVE your attitude! Keep it up! Happy New Year!

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

cheryl on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002973)

I too find that if I wear the high heels first thing in the morning or all day my pain goes away. I also wear the heel lifts recommeded on this site by Scott and the night sock. I am now able to run again
my 20 miles a week. I posted about the high heels helping me a lot and wonder if those that are helped have high arches like me?

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Sandy in Ohio on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002978)

I also have high arches. I always thought I was unusual with high arches, but since reading this board, I find out it's quite common. I'll have to search this site better to look for those heel lifts recommend by Scott.

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Sandy in Ohio on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002979)

I like your advice about changing shoes during the day. I'll have to try it! As for this new year, I decided I'm going to try to exercise at least 3 times a week. I start off slow due to heel pain, but once I start, I feel ok. I've been on my exercise bike. I do some warm ups, but I make sure it does not aggrivate that heel. Although I will admit, my heel feels stiff about an hour after I've done my work out routine. I only exercise for about 20-30 minutes.

Ballet! I took ballet 20 years ago as an adult and loved it. I hope you do great in it. I did it just to do something different. Let me know how you like it; just don't do any leaps!

I know one thing I cannot do is reach for something...ow! that really hurts the heel. Today my family helped me in the kitchen with dinner as I just was not moving very well on my feet. I appreciated their efforts too.

Take care and let me know how those ballet classes are going. Thanks again for the advice!

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Mary Devlin on 1/01/99 at 00:00 (002980)

Sandy I am trying to send you e-mail direct. But it keeps coming back. My address is (email removed) I have already received mail from another user, so I guess she found my address somehow. It is not listed properly on the message board.
I wanted to step out of the message board to continue our conversation. I have too much to say to keep posting under the same heading
I ordered a catalog from the site Berkenstocks. It came in less than one week. They sell inserts too. I purchased indoor shoe today and plan to make them into berks. We have a store here. I live near Seattle (Berk Country) on an island. There are many stores with Berks.
I do not have high arches. I think my feet may be on the flat side. I will know more after my appointment on the 13th.
As for the pain after your bike ride. Two suggestions: 20-30 minutes is good. Perhaps after you finish place ice packs on your feet for 10-15 minutes to reduce any sweeling. Followed by stretching and deep pressure massage (done by you or your spouse) Then treat your feet to a nice cream or rub with a roller ball. It will take about 10 more minutes to your routine, but then what is time when you can have an hour of less pain.
I am also if firefighter and firstresponder and my boots are killers. I will try these inserts in my boots. By the end of an hour in the boots I am ready for aid myself. It makes for a very cranky citizen!
Happy feet to you
Hope to hear from you soon--Mary D
PS All others welcomeed too.

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Pamela on 1/06/99 at 00:00 (003068)

Here's my experience, maybe it'll be helpful.

I'm 47 years old and about 1-1/2years ago I began feeling some pain in my heel when I stood up after sitting for a period of time. I'd have to stand still or hobble a few steps. Then I began experiencing the same pain in the morning. During my annual physical I asked my Dr about it. He quickly said it was PF and told me to do some stretches and wear low heels. It didn't help and my pain in the mornings became excruciating.

I found this message board this past Spring and began reading everything. Based on recommendations I found here I decided to buy a pair of Birkenstock Arizonas. Living in the Seattle area these are very popular, but frankly I think they're pretty ugly. Anyway, with a big sigh I bought a pair. I wore them religiously for several weeks and was amazed at how my feet improved (I had to sort of break my feet into them because they hurt if I wore them all day at the beginning). The first noticable improvement was during the day I could stand up and begin walking immediately without any pain--the morning pain was still excruiating. The next phase of my recovery was to buy Birkenstock inserts so I could wear other shoes--particularly dress shoes. The next thing I did was buy a pair of Munro brand shoes. I expected to have to wear the inserts in these but found I don't have to. They have a 3/4 inch heel. Because they were so comfortable I went back and bought another pair in a different color. I wear these two pairs of shoes exclusively for work and casual. I wear the Birks at home. I now have no pain during the day (unless it is a 10+ hour day on my feet) and the morning pain is so minimal that I hardly notice it.

We had a couple of snow days before Christmas and by putting my Birk inserts in my snow boots they felt wonderful and I was able to play with my dogs and be outside like a normal person.

My conclusions:

1) I believe I got PF because I wore cheap shoes for so many years. It is very frustrating to pay out $80 for a single pair of shoes but I have learned my lesson. It is worth it not to cry over aching feet.

2) The Birks, the inserts, and the Munros gave me back my life.

3) My morning pain is directly related to what I do to my feet the day before. If I take care of them by wearing my Munros or Birks the morning pain is minimal or non-existent. If I abuse feet hurt the day before they hurt worse in the morning.

I wish you the best in your endeavor to find healing. It is amazing how sore feet impact our lives. --Pamela

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Becky on 1/06/99 at 00:00 (003070)

Thanks for your comments Pam, hopefully a poster will read and get some use out of this. I agree with alot of what you said but wasn't at Minimal pain with wearing running shoes with inserts all day and having little or not activity on my feet. YOu are right, the less you do the better you feel or rather the less the pain after. Too bad this is so limiting, but I am hoping I am on my way to recovery.

Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!Pamela

Sandy on 1/10/99 at 00:00 (003205)

I'm sick I didn't read your post prior to my surgery in late December. The thought of wearing those cheap shoes that I have worn for years NEVER OCCURRED to me. I would invest tons of money in good exercise shoes but wear junk the rest of the time so they would wear out fast and I could buy new ones. I can't believe I never put that together! Also, it never occurred to me that the proir day's activities resulted in the present day's feet woes. Where were you 4 years ago when this started. I could have used your common sense! We should put your post at the beginning of this page so all can see it. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing!