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Re: Myofascial-Connective Tissue Diseases:RH-Lupus

Posted by Diane R. on 1/02/99 at 00:00 (002987)

I have had PF for about 5+ yrs now but had not immediately made the connection between it and all the other joint/tendon problems I have had over the years. Sometime during the last 18 mths or so it finally dawned on me that (in my case) it probably has much to do with overstressing a connective tissue area that is somewhat chronically inflammed anyway. May also be the case for others on this site.

Myofascial pain is not new to me. I have had it in various areas - diagnosed by a rhuematologist several yrs ago (when I was 35). It is actually part of connective tissue inflammation. The best diagnosis he could give me at that time was: 'non-specific connective tissue disease'. Not yet RH or Lupus, as I tested negative at that time for those factors in my blood. (Both diseases running very heavily in my family) More females than male, but I have three close male relatives who have had severe cases and surgeries to replace joints, and remove diseased tissue around joints etc.

The last 2 mths. have had a shoulder problem - torn or strained rotar cuff... from just lifting my 2 yr old grandson who weighs 28#... After a month of self-treating, finally saw another doc - an orthopedic - who says it is just part of this connective tissue problem. My connective tissue is always mildly inflammed and if strained will cause bursitis, tendonitis, torn tendons, etc. much more easily than the general population. This may fit more of you PF sufferes at this site... Anyone with PF - who ALSO has a history of sore achey joints, tendon strains, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, etc. should be seen by a doctor and their blood tested for sed. rate, then RH and Lupus factors etc, if the sed rate is high. Note: over the years dr.'s told me age 35 is a very common age for this to start ( I am now 51)

Note: Hope this is of some help to some of you...May sound like alot of doctoring - but actually I'm condensing alot of years here and I have not seen the RH guy since I was about 40. I feel I have learned how to best treat myself, usually- only go to dr if that seems to fail. I read alot, keep informed, take as few 'medicines' as possible. Lately, I prefer the natural supplements to the NSAIDs I have tried over the years.

But for now am on something new he wanted me to try: Relafin 750 twice a day for this shoulder - can't say it is a big help - but then without it I might be much worse. Also, just started taking a new natural supplement Bomelain for inflammation two days ago - anyone tried these for inflammation? If so any success stories or stomach problems? That tends to be a real issue with me.

Re: Myofascial-Connective Tissue Diseases:RH-Lupus

Sue B. on 1/03/99 at 00:00 (003018)

Thanks for the info.

What you say makes sense--I have had 'PF' for a year now, but I also developed carpel tunnel like syndrome in my hand and wrist just from opening a can (it's better now with rest and ice) Then I developed TMJ (which is also better now since I've been wearing a night guard on my teeth)

I was wondering if all these conditions were related. Perhaps they are. I'm 58 and it seems like the body parts are wearing out. I hope it's not true--I'd rather just have plain PF than connective tissue that is always mildly inflammed.

I will have to suggest this to my doc. It seems that we have to be our own docs these days.

Sue B.