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Posted by Mike on 1/02/99 at 00:00 (002992)

After a year and a half of agony, and trying the usual suggestions found on this page, I saw a podiatrist in mid November...got ultra sound, cortisone, and a device called the Prostretch...and a referral to a pedorthist. Along with pf, I was diagnosed with a flat arch. I have orthotics now, and have trashed my old shoe wardrobe for new models that accomodate my orthotics. I find New Balance a great shoe, with Rockports rating an 'ok'. Although expensive, the orthotics, new shoes, and regular use of the Prostretch have helped me around 80% already.
My suggestion: find a good pedorthist. Mine helped just as much, if not more than the podiatrist, who by the by, was very helpful and supportive. Good Luck in '99.