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Re: high heels - related to arches? Also - "Comfortables" brand shoes

Posted by Tory on 1/02/99 at 00:00 (002997)

I'm amazed every time I see someone with PF say they can wear heels.
I can't even take a few steps in heels! I wonder if it's because I've got very flat feet?

Before PF I used to have quite a heel collection, now I'm down to 2 styles of Xtra Depth shoes - in taupe and black, plus a pair of sandals. And finding those was a joy beyond belief after a whole year in 1 pair of heavy, black lace-ups my first doctor had me wearing 'for support' with my orthotics. After 8 years, I'm starting to get tired of them however.

I saw a brand called 'Comfortables' in Lane Bryant catalog recently and they say they're deep enough for orthotics. Has anyone tried them? They're half the price of the Xtra Depths.