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Blizzards and the Cold.

Posted by Bea on 1/03/99 at 00:00 (003020)

Boy, talk about misery. Here in Chicago we have 20 inches of snow on the ground and walking is horrible. One of the important things with this condition is to put your foot down straight on the ground or the pain can be awful So I've become a shut in almost because I can't trust walking on the snow. Also the cold seems to make everything hurt even more. No solutions just wanted to complain.

Re: Blizzards and the Cold.

Sally T. on 1/04/99 at 00:00 (003023)

Bea, I can feel for you! I live in Western Maine where we got the tail end of your storm. We didn't get nearly as much snow as you, only 8 inches, but we also got freezing rain after the snow. None of us with this awful condition would dare to walk outside today. Lets hope the rest of the winter isn't so bad. (Wishful thinking according to the weatherperson).

Re: Blizzards and the Cold.

Tory on 1/04/99 at 00:00 (003027)

I'm currently sitting inside while my husband is out salting our ski-slope of a driveway (1' thick ice), because I don't have any sensible shoes/boots with any tread. Yesterday I tried a little and duck-walked to the driveway- in my 'dress shoes', since they were the only thing that hadn't been worn so much the tread was slick on bottom! Boy, this is frustrating.

Your comment reminds me of a storm in Chicago when I was a kid. My Mom worked downtown and got stranded. She never did make it home to the southside that night. In the morning a friend and I ventured out into the hip-deep snow to look at the three stranded buses and two patrol cars (buried in snow to their cherries on top!) and were disapointed not to find any 'copsickles' inside. (I don't know about now, but back then the Chicago police had a VERY bad reputation, and kids are cruel!) I remember folks being so angry that 'mother nature would do this to them'...'it just isn't right; there oughta be a law'! Not sure whether that is funny or sad, now. Anyway, hope you're weathering this new storm OK.

Re: Blizzards and the Cold.-TORY

Bea on 1/04/99 at 00:00 (003029)

That was 1967,m unfortunately I am old enuff to have lived through both and it is not fun. I am rather shut in now but I remember in1967 it did get to be sort of fun, a kind of siege mentality and everyone wwas very helpful to one another so I remember it rather fondly.

Re: Blizzards and the Cold.-TORY

Tory on 1/10/99 at 00:00 (003199)

Tory, if you can get to a store yet, try the Nike ACG hiking boots. They have a good grip and at least could get you to the mail box. They are made for a high arch with a steel shank. Also, try boots my by Columbia. They are waterproof and have great thread. I bought them with the attitude I would bee snowshoeing this year. To bad. I just had surgery on my feet. Oh well. They felt good and I was anxious to werat them. Made for the wnow. My husband is in Chicago right now for the housewares convention. He said it's cold...here in Utah we had 45 degrees in SLC. Hope you guys warm up soon!

Re: Blizzards and the Cold.

Diane on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003446)

My problem isn't so much with the cold but just winter in general. I suffered with my PF since this time last year. I got inserts from my doctor and wore them all spring and summer. It seemed to do the trick and I thought I had the problem licked. Now that it is winter, you have to wear boots in northern MN to get around and my inserts don't fit in any boots. I am forced to walk without them and my pain is back worse than before. I am totally frustrated......wearing those darn ugly shoes and inserts for 6 months straight and now I am back to square one.