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Posted by Steven on 1/05/99 at 00:00 (003059)

I have surgery scheduled for mid Febuary.
Any information such as success rate, recovery
time or other info greatly appreciated

Re: Surgery??????

Bea on 1/05/99 at 00:00 (003060)

I haven't had surgury but I suggest you read all the posts. My impression is that noone has had success with it. From what I have read almost everyone was the same or worst after.

Re: Surgery?????? Dig Deep & this site answers all your ???

dd on 1/05/99 at 00:00 (003062)

Before considering any surgery, I urge you to please read every entry at this site...going WAY back to the beginning, including the 'surgery' posts. There are some really scary descriptions of botched surgeries, long & painful recoveries, and people in pain for years after surgery, scar tissue, nerve entrapments following surgery, stories about doctor's who (after they get the $$ for surgery) end up tell the PF sufferer that they have done all they can and they just will have to learn to live with the chronic pain, etc. etc.... Then you should be able to judge for yourself what the 'odds' are on this gamble you will be taking with the surgery and if it's worth the risks involved... Or if you want to try every alternative first like birks etc.?

Statistics are just #s -- you may like the ones Scott states on the previous page, something like 70-90% of success with surgery. Does this big percentage spread depend on who's interpreting the results or conducting the study? Surgeons would always like to feel they made an improvement - but the actual stories of post-surgery patients on this site don't seem to fare so well??

I have evaluated all of the entries on this site since the beginning and as for surgery - for me - well, no thank you. But, only you can weigh the all known risks/results of a possibly poor outcome and decide if it's for you -- as long as you do it with your eyes wide open... as you will be the one to live with the consequences if you turn out to be one of the statistics on the unsuccessful side of the ledger. Here's hoping you're not and best of luck!

Re: Surgery??????

Marianne on 1/06/99 at 00:00 (003088)

I had surgery in October. I was out of work for 5 weeks. The first two weeks on crutches were rough. However, I have to say that the pain I experience now is about at 5% compares to the 95% pain I was experiencing before the surgery. I would have the surgery again if I had to make the decision now. Most people are against surgery but if done correctly I feel it can only help.

Good luck.

Re: Surgery??????

debbie on 1/06/99 at 00:00 (003089)

Steven, I had surgery last May and if I were you I would think long and hard before doing it. I was scheduled to have surgery on my other foot too and backed out. My first foot was worse, I was on crutches for 10 weeks. Try other things first. I thought I was out of options and tried acupuncture and I am cured. I do everything I did before, including aerobics. I would do this before Ossatron. I think it is less invasive, has been around way longer, and there are not side effects, and it has to be safer. You have nothing to lose. Debbie

Re: Surgery??????

Sandy on 1/10/99 at 00:00 (003196)

Debbie-do your homework before you do any surgery. I would suggest you ask your Dr. to have both successful and non successful patients talk to you. (If he is a good Dr., he will do this. I have had two sugerys and have done it both times. It somehow 'is good for business' on the Docs part.) If you have tried everything, you will go into sugery knowing that information is power and I think it mentally helps in your recovery. The information posted is great, but I think the Surgery Guestbook tends to be a bit negative for the most part. My brother in law is a PT and sees this stuff all the time and agrees. Most people that 'heel' (no pun intended!)don't take the time to post. I have had sugery, am posting and feel very confident that I will have a great recovery. Just DO YOUR HOMEWORK

Re: Surgery??????

Sandy on 1/10/99 at 00:00 (003197)

Opps, sorry Debbie, that message was for Steven.