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Going under the knife, any advise

Posted by Jim on 1/07/99 at 00:00 (003117)

Started with severve pain on left heel when I first got up, then pain would go away after movement. First Doctor's visit Oct. Recieved 1 injection and advised to tape bottom of foot. Try taping but couldn't get into it. Suffered from burning pain on the side of the foot after a week. Pain got a little worse. Second Doctor's visit Nov. Another injection and sold cushions for my foot. Started feeling pain free, but that didn't last to long. Third Doctor's Dec. Wanted to give another injection, but I refuse. Doctor advise surgery would be the answer. Don't have heel spur, but stretched tendons. Doctor wants to cut the tendon that causing the problem. Surgery date Feb. 5. Anybody have similar surgery. Can anybody offer advise.

Re: Going under the knife, any advise

Dayna on 1/08/99 at 00:00 (003135)

WHY does the doctor want to operate? Is he intending to shave off some of the tendon so it is thinner and thus will stretch easier? Bad idea in my opinion, as that makes it that much less resistant to extreme stress and/or snapping altogether. Find out exactly what the plan is and how it is supposed to help, then write us back because we do care, and you might have found an answer that will work for some of us, with this condition you never know what will work, we're always looking for ideas.