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Re: high arches, no heels, lotsa' support

Posted by Robin on 1/08/99 at 00:00 (003143)

Hiya Dayna. I like your idea about identifying arches. I am very convinced that my formerly-high-arch (which is now falling slightly) causes me to respond well to one type of approach versus another. I'm also convinced that because my feet are very flexible and I used to walk a lot, the facia took a beating each time the feet hit the pavement -- continually over-extending that stretch with pronation.

However, heels are disaster for me. I respond best to Birks. Also to Eastlands (when I don't feel like wearing my $100 slippers outside the condo). I have a pair of Reeboks with tremendous arch support that also feel okay for an hour or two. Shoe types that are working best for my foot type seem to: 1) provide strong arch support; 2) Keep my foot at approximately a 90 degree angle; 3) maintain a fairly hard, flat footbed surface. I used to really care about having pretty shoes. Now -- if I can find shoes that allow me to go to the library for 1/2 hour or do grocery shopping without having to sit down midway through -- it's a victory. I could care less what they look like. Personally, I'm starting to think Birks are the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen.