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re: Birkenstocks sandals vs. Birkenstock shoes

Posted by Sharon H on 1/09/99 at 00:00 (003167)

Does anyone get the same relief from the Birkenstock shoes that they get from the Birkenstock sandals? Is there a particular style in shoes that is the best? Most people seem to favor the Arizona in sandals but I live in Minnesota and have to have some kind of shoes at this time of the year. My tennis shoes with the orthotics in them don't seem to be working plus they are slippery.

Re: re: Birkenstocks sandals vs. Birkenstock shoes

Mary F. on 1/09/99 at 00:00 (003183)

I live in Colorado and used to live in Minnesota, so I understand what you are saying about needing a shoe to wear in the winter months.

I have been wearing Birkenstock Arizona sandals at home and Birkenstock Boston clogs at work which are not as professional looking as I would like, but they at least let me walk without that constant pain. The clogs are open in the back, so they wouldn't be suitable for walking in deep snow, but they are fine for light outside walking and indoor use. I understand the Arizona and Boston shoes have the same footbed which is why I find them both equally comfortable.

You can also get Birkenstock shoe inserts which I use in my New Balance tennis shoes. I recently have recovered enough from PF to start biking 30 minutes, 3x a week and I use the tennis shoes with the inserts for the biking. At all other times, I wear the Arizonas or Boston clogs.

If you live near the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, I would expect there would be a walking store near the U that would have a selection of Birkenstocks. I initially got mine from a store in Colorado specializing in Birkenstocks and the sales staff could not have been more helpful. They see PF a lot and worked closely with me to make sure I got the proper fitting shoe.

I never thought I would wear Birkenstocks, but they have contributed immensely to helping me deal with PF. Best of luck to you.

Re: re: Birkenstocks sandals vs. Birkenstock shoes

Sharon H on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003318)

Thanks for the information! I appreciate it!