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Going to Doc Wednesday

Posted by Mary d on 1/11/99 at 00:00 (003247)

I am finally going to my doc apt. on wed. I feel better having more info than I ever had before. Thanks to everyone for sharing stories good and bad.

I have had a set-back this past week. I do not know why. The vice grip feeling is back and I have fire drill tonight that is mandatory. I will hurt even more tomorrow. I purchased new birks, and indoor walking shoes. All are fine, but still the pain persists. Has anybody noticed pain in relation to PMS?

Good News! (I always try to think of one good thing to say)
I have my new ex. bike. It is a windmill resistant bike. I do look forward to working out again on a regular basis.
If anybody is interested, I will keep you posted on my doc apt and my exercise accomplishments.
Happy feet to you. Mary D

Re: Going to Doc Wednesday

Sandy in Ohio on 1/11/99 at 00:00 (003254)

Mary-I got your message yesterday...I tried sending you an e-mail and it came back to me. My e-mail address is (email removed). Let me know how the Doctor appointment goes. I saw my doctor today. He is going to send me to physical therapy 3 times a week for the next two weeks. Insurance will cover PT, but it will not pay for an insert. Does this make sense? Good luck at the Doctor and I will look forward to hearing from you. How is your ballet going?

Re: Going to Doc Wednesday

Elise on 1/11/99 at 00:00 (003262)

I would like to hear about your windmill exercise bike. I am going to buy an exercise bike, but I haven't decided on which kind. Did your physical therapist make the recommendation?
THanks, and good luck. I had the same experience with insurance - PT covered, inserts not covered.

Re: Going to Doc Wednesday

mello on 1/11/99 at 00:00 (003269)

I developed a heel spur last summer & now my R foot feels like
it is starting one. Anyone to share ideas how tolive with it?
Many thanks!

Re: Going to Doc Wednesday-RE: WindBike

Mary D on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003294)

The wind bike was purchaed at Sears (on sale). I purchased this type because it gives both an upper body workout and lower at the same time. If I choose, I can work the bike with my arms only and rest my feet either on the pedels or on the sides. This way if my feet are hurting, I still get a workout.
I plan to replace the pedels with wide foot pedels so my whole foot is on and not just the ball of my foot like regular bike riding.

I use to use a nordic trac, but my feet did not like it too much.

The main reason I picked the wind bike is that my whole family can use it. My children are 6 yrs old and they love to work-out. I needed equipment that would support their growing bones and spirit. It is a great support system.
Happy feet to you. Mary D