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How long should an orthotic last?

Posted by Dayna on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003298)

I have the rigid plastic ones with foam on the bottom where it touches the shoe. I've had them 1 1/2 years and wear them everywhere except the shower and bed (I have really tight lacing shoes for those activities and I am very careful how I step). The foam has nearly worn off. My new insurance won't pay for anything related to PF, my old insurance at least paid for the podiatrist but not the orthotics.
How long should I keep using these before I have to get new ones?

Re: How long should an orthotic last?

Janine on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003349)

A good pair of orthotics will usually last up to 6 years or more with proper maintainence and care. A better idea than buying a new pair would be to have your current orthotics refurbished. The padding and covering will be replaced as needed and the cost is substantially less than a new pair of orthotics. Having them refurbished periodically will drastically increase the life of your orthotics.

Our lab charges $68.50 for this procedure, and $169.50 for a new pair of orthotics from a new cast, made from a kit that we provide for you.

Visit my site for more info on refurbishing, or feel free to email me at CustomFoot@aol.com with any further questions you might have.

Good Luck.

Re: How long should an orthotic last?

Dayna on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003409)

How do I go about getting refurbished? Can it be done while I wait, as I cannot stand without my orthotics, the only time I don't wear them is asleep or in the shower. I have a bench to sit on and shoes to wear in bed and in the shower, can't remember what it's like to be barefoot for more than 5 seconds. If you want to converse, email (email removed), I try to check at least once a day for new messages.

Re: How long should an orthotic last?

Janine on 1/15/99 at 00:00 (003463)

We would love to do the refurbishing while you wait, but unless you are within driving distance of Bohemia, NY, you would have to send them in to us. I can have them on the way back out to you within a day of receiving them, however. If you can't stand being without your orthotics, I would recommend a second pair.

You could either get the exact same style, or you might even want to go with a pair for different shoes, that you don't get to wear now, because your orthotics don't fit into them. For example, if you have orthotics for a sneaker, you could get a pair for your dressier shoes, (not necessarily pumps, but more conservative dress shoes that sport orthotics wouldn't fit into normally.)

Most people choose to go this route, since it provides them with a variety of shoe styles, but if not, then an 'emergency pair' for just such an occasion is good to have as well. If the shell of your orthotic were to crack, you would have to have it remade, which would take a little while to do, and if you can't walk without them, a second pair is highly reccommended.

Good luck.