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any experience with a brace?

Posted by Robin on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003308)

I'm using a brace for a medial collateral ligament tear in my left knee. The brace is a major contraption. I have PF in both feet. For some reason, my left foot hurts a lot less when I use the knee brace. (unfortunately it's not helping my knee much) Has anyone had similar experience? Or even a good idea of why this is?

Re: any experience with a brace?

Bobbie on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003321)

I have an ankle brace that I wear sometimes and it seems to help, at least it puts pain in a different area. The night braces have been of no help. I wish you the best of luck and if you find something that affords you a little help then go for it.