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How long does it take to go away?

Posted by Megan on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003316)

I found this site while looking for more information then my doctor has given me. So far, all the doctor has done is put me on Daypro (it did not work) Anaprox (it did not work) and now wants me to take Relafen for 20 days. He has not once mentioned any exercise, inserts, type of shoes, injections, or surgery. After reading some of your messages, I guess I need a new doctor.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Bobbie on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003317)

I have found little support and understanding from doctors. I am now seeing an acupuncturist/massage therapist who is truly concerned and is trying to help me. However, I have just had my 5th session and after 6 I will have to decide how far I can afford to go. Anyway, I would recommend you change doctors and find someone with a little understanding and compasion. From reading these messages, you can see what does and doesn't work for people. It seems everyone reacts differently but when you are in pain you will try most everything you can. Best of luck to you and welcome to the world of PF sufferers.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Megan on 1/12/99 at 00:00 (003323)

I'm not happy that other people are suffering the same and worse pain than I have, but it is really nice to know that I have other people to communicate with that understand what I am going through.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Elise on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003338)

I don't know when my PF will go away completely, but I would say I am 40-50% improved after 4.5 months (I started with an acute case in both feet) . I have made the most progress since I started seeing a physical rehabilitation doctor last month. He started me out with 2 stretching exercises, and adds to the routine every two weeks. He has been in practice a long time and said he has never had a patient who does not get better as long as I am patient - I'm hoping not to be the one to break his record.
He said most patients are fully recovered in 6 months.

I don't know what your insurance is, but I only have a $5 copay to see the director of physical rehabilitation at our local hospital, $10 to see a physical therapist, and $60 to see an accupuncturist which is not covered.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Nadine on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003352)

Hang in there, Bobbi. I too had just been diagnosed a few weeks ago, and have had the problem for over a year and didn't know what it was. Relefen and Arthrotec made me really sick... Anti inflammatories also give me some nose bleeds. Doesn't seem to be many answers, but when I found this message board yesterday.. I was elated. Someone who really doesn't think it's all in my head. Thanks to all of you

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Mary Ann on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003404)

I had no relief of pain from Relafen, which is expensive. I went to a podiatrist and he gave me Cataflam which helped a lo.t I had taken it for a month and then the prescription ran out., but after being off the mediction the pain came back. It is a anit-infamitory and also can be rough on the stomach.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Jill on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003424)

The stretching really helps me. . .I still have pain though. I try to do the stretches 3 or 4 times a day. . .I took the anti-inflammatory drugs too. . .They do help, but the stretching gives me more relief. . . I didn't know about the ice therapy and am going to give that a try tonight
I have had this pain for a year now and can totally sympathize. . .Good Luck.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

julia on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003426)

I had the same experience. My doctor seemed that he only wanted to sell me the custom orthotics which don't even help everybody. So I decided to do some research on my own and found so much more information than my doctor was willing to let me in on. My doctor even said no sandals. I have found the most releif with my Birkenstock sandals. I ice my foot when I know there is going to be pain, and I have Spenco hard orthotics inserts (i have only had them for a couple of days but I see some impovement already). I hope you the best and read all that you can.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Sharon H on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003450)

Icing the foot really helps a lot. Freeze a water bottle or a coke bottle and roll your foot on it while you are sitting at the computer. I take Naproxen once or twice a day too and that seems to help. When I go off of it, I do notice a difference.

Re: How long does it take to go away?

Elise on 1/15/99 at 00:00 (003460)

Pfizer and Merck are both coming out with new anti-inflammatories that are supposed to reduce the bleeding problem of the current generation. The names are COX-2 and Vioxx.