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Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Posted by Sonni on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003333)

...I've been having the BEST results lately. I've been wearing my Mephisto shoes for a couple of months now and I can't say that my pain is gone but I'm able to be on my feet for twice the amout of time with only half the pain! I can hardly believe it. The down side is that they are expensive shoes BUT I figured, so are the doctor appointments and so far they've done nothing for me.
I've had PF in both feet for several years now and have run the whole gambit (including 2 different sets of orthodics) except for surgery. Nothing has helped until now. I was even starting to get pain on the top of one foot. It was getting bad.
I was surfing this board one day in hopes of finding something that was helping people. The person who spoke of these shoes said that her pain was gone because of them. I would love to get to that point someday but for now I'm just so happy to have found such relief in wearing them. Anyone interested in them can run a search like I did or email me and I'll give you a couple of locations on the web. I live in a smaller town and we don't have an outlet here but I found one online and ordered a pair of black ''Holiday'' style. They look something like this:

I'm planning to get my second pair very soon. I want to try a different style this time in order to expand my wardrobe. Soooo, whoever first put me onto these shoes, I hope that you're here and see this and Thank you, thank you, thank you

Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Sonni on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003335)

LOL. Wupps, guess this board doesn't take HTML. I posted a graphic to show that the shoe is actually nice looking and doesn't look like the typical orthotic type shoe. So, sorry about that.

Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Bobbie on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003386)

I have a pair of Mephisto Shoes. They have a wedge to them and are a soft black leather. The only problem is the straps keep stretching until there is no room to put another hole. I think if I buy another pair I would not buy the wedge heal. When my pain is bad I tend to turn my foot in thus turning my ankle over. I am afraid I might sprain my ankle to add to the rest of my pain. Anyway, I do like the Mephisto Shoes and I like my Ecco Shoes (both brands are very expensive). Guess we don't have a cheap disease because I have certainly put out a lot of money trying to treat this THING.

Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Sonni on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003394)

Whoa, thanks for the tip Bobbie. I'll choose the next pair keeping that in mind. Mine are the basic Holiday with five or six eyelets. I'm so impressed because like most of you, the pain was just beyond expression. It's still not great but I can go so much longer with much less pain than before so I feel soooo much better by comparison. I'm thinking of trying the sneaker type next. I'll have to look up the Ecco's. I've never heard of them. The Birks were just too hard and uncomfortable for me to get used to. Have you tried them?

Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

lilhurricane on 1/15/99 at 00:00 (003466)

i wear mephistos--i teach and i believe thatthey are the only reason i still have my job.. i often (still) try to justify the expense because i have to have more than one pair (and color). my pain in my right foot from april98 has been replaced with pain in my left..i read alot about people where the pain jumps..i just dont understand because all preventative and exercises are for both feet......i also think that my gait has been affected by all the different inserts..i found that after 3 months with the mephistos, i went back to their original insert..it just doesnt have cush--i bought thr runh-off--240.00..did feel well enough to walk disney world at thanksgiving..............until i got bursitis in my hip

anyway thanks for listening?reading? being here

Re: Thanks to Mephisto Shoes and someone on this board ........

Sonni on 1/16/99 at 00:00 (003497)

Good to hear from another satisfied wearer. I may try Birks sometime but so far they just feel so hard and uncomfortable. Would you mind telling me which styles you've tried and how you liked them? I want to order my second pair but am trying to decide which style. You can email me if you'd like or just post here and I'll be back to check the board. Thanks lilhurricane. (so sorry to hear about the bursitis - man, it's always something isn't it?)