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Weakness and pain in left foot

Posted by Deby on 1/13/99 at 00:00 (003340)

I'm looking for some help (which my doctors have not been able to supply), hopefully someone will recognize these symptoms and help me get on a path to recovery! It began with pain in the arch area of my left foot, keeping it wrapped seemed to help (support) then I began having leg cramps in my calf (so badly that I had to jump out of bed in the morning and stand to ease the pain.) About a month ago my left foot started giving way to the inside when I walked resulting in shin splints from the angle my foot hit the ground. I have tried arch support insoles (which help some) ankle supports and etc. One doc thought it might be due to spine problem...and I was diagnosed with advanced arthritus of the spine (I am only 46). A PTherapist stated it was due to wearing heels and the calf muscle had shortened. Now I am unable to lift my left big toe or wiggle it when standing. If I am lying down or have my leg up the toe works (not well but it works). Anybody out there ever experience anything like this.....please help

Re: Weakness and pain in left foot

Susan on 1/23/99 at 00:00 (003756)

Have you gone to a neuorologist?