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Re: Hooah, Dayna

Posted by Matt on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003422)

I am a National Guard Captain. I just reached my 13th year of service and would like to make at least 20. I scored a 282 on my APFT in October (my highest ever), but that was after my first cortizone shot. I am concerned about my long-term outlook with the Guard. Is it a good chance the pf will go away? Or will I have to work around this forever? Thanks for your understanding. Matt

Re: Hooah, Dayna

Dayna on 1/14/99 at 00:00 (003429)

Odds are that it might go away by itself, but from experience I can say that you can never be 100% sure that it will not return. I have had success by gently stretching my calf muscles (shortened from too many years of living in heels)and by paying attention to my feet. When they hurt, I ease up and apply ice for several hours (get home, have dinner and sit on the sofa for the evening with the heel nestled in an ice bag (put a few cubes in a sturdy ziploc and take out your frustration on it with a rolling pin, then put it inside a towel and just snuggle the heel into it)). I have also found Daypro (a strong anti-inflammatory)to be helpful but try not to take it unless I have significant pain (tough it out for twinges or pretty soon everything feels like a lot). I also have custom orthotics which I wear whenever I am awake, even sitting at home. I have no arch and most readily available inserts have the arch support in the wrong place, so I had some made. I will be looking at Birkenstock inserts though, as several people here swear by them, and I'd like to give mine a break from constant wear. I had one cortizone shot, Never again, didn't last and hurt like the dickens.

Best advice is prepare for the PT run ahead of time by stretch, ice and OTC anti-inflammatory in the days just previous. Get fitted for good running shoes, get professionally fitted, not Foot Locker or a mall chain, change the insert in the shoe if you need to. After PT, ice right away before it flares up. If walking is OK but running is bad, you can get a waiver to take the run at a walk (you get a little extra time, but you still have to boogie) but like I said above, you may have to spend the day at the VA and hope you get a doctor who believes in PF and how much it hurts. Take care of your feet and they'll take care of you. Get that 20, but also keep in mind, they're talking about a 15 year that would still get you some pension. Thanks for serving our country, stay strong and stay well.