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Birks for high arches

Posted by Becky on 1/17/99 at 00:00 (003535)

I have had PF for four years. Have tried the standard Milano (Arizona's with backs). I don't care for them, too hard! I have high arches and have tried a new pair. They are not heaven, but are useful. They are Tatami's. Check out Kentucky's or Nebraska's. I use them for an around the house shoes. Blessings~

Re: Birks for high arches

eta on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003559)

Is the concensus that Birks are not good for those of us with high arches? I've heard so many say that they are so good. I found them on the net and was going to try a pair. But will I be disappointed because I have very high arches? Also, for the first time in over a year with dealing with this I am finally starting to see some slight improvement with trying some of the suggestions on here. Thanks to all. GS, stretching, message, and I are what I am doing now.


Re: Birks for high arches

Robin on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003561)

I have high arches. They have started to fall a little with age, but they are still high. Birkenstock has very strong arch support, which I think is why they are successful for me. The Tatami line of Birks has an even higher arch than regular Birks; I'd suggest you start with a regular Birk and see if you like them. It's VERY important to get the right fit. Be careful ordering over the 'Net unless you are very sure of European sizes. I took 2 sizes smaller in a Birk than I would have figured I'd take and I am very happy with them; but I might not have been if I hadn't been fitted properly. This is not a soft cushiony shoe though so be aware before you buy -- high arch, low footbed, no cushioning.

Re: Birks for high arches

eta on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003588)

thanks for all the help. I have heard they run large so I will keep that in mind. I have no idea in my area where to find them so I will have to try the net. Thanks. :)

Re: Birks for high arches

Sue B. on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003599)

I have high arches and the Birks hurt me. However, I have read messages from people with high arches who like the Birks. So--high arches v.s. low arches are not the reason people like or dislike the Birks.

I think it has to do more with what else is going on in your arches--not necessarily whether they are high or low.

Sue B.