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$$$ acupuncture

Posted by eta on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003589)

Ok, I've heard everything in recent messages about this accupuncture except one thing... The cost. How much does this type of treatment run.? Are they listed in the yellow pages.?

thanks as always..


Re: $$$ acupuncture

Gina on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003592)

The going rate in my area seems to be $50 per treatment, usually lasting about an hour. Acupuncturists are listed in the yellow pages. Here, they practice alone or in conjunction with 'alternative care' practices.

Re: $$$ acupuncture

debbie on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003595)

I got lucky, I found a Dr. who charges a lot less than most. I paid $30.00 a treatment. When I called around I found some who charged $100.00 a treatment. Some insurances are starting to recognize acupuncture. Check it out. Debbie

Re: $$$ acupuncture

Bea on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003596)

I am on medicare and they pay some for accupuncture & my back-up policy also pays so I get 80% paid by insurance. Price runs about $35.00.