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what are clogs exactly?

Posted by janine on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003606)

I have read that Dansko clogs have helped people with pf. I don't know what the meaning of clogs actually is. I have visited their website and have seen the typical clogs, but they also have other goodlooking shoes. Are the other shoes just as good as clogs for pf, if they are made by Dansko?

Re: what are clogs exactly?

Kate on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003627)

Clogs are a sytle of shoe, generally designed where there is no back to the shoe, you slip your foot into it like a slipper. Some clogs have a slight back, but not much. There are no laces, straps, or buckles. You may have seen the old wooded clogs from Holland, that's the style, except today plastic, felt or leather is used in place of the wood.

You can find clogs with wood soles, cork is better or specially designed plastic or rubber.

Don't know if it's the clog that's good for PF, or more specifically the good design in European shoes that make these better to wear. I'd pay attention to the sole design and if it's the same for clog and non-clogs for that brand, then pick what you'd like to wear.

Good luck!