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ReGetting the proper diagnosis

Posted by ann in bc canada on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003624)

Hi, You are not crazy and I had to reach the point of deep depression before anyone took any notice of my Tarsal Tunnel Syndrom. I am a nurse who didnt take any time off work except in the last year due to the pain in my right foot. One of the local Osteo specialists told me to get out of his office there was nothing wrong with me and when I asked for a referral he told me 'If theres nothing wrong why would I refer you elsewhere and waste all that money' I went to see a Dr Taunton and Dr Bozek in UBC Vancouver BC and Dr T diagnosed me within 5 minutes and without even examining my ankle. He then pressed a point on my foot to confirm the diagnosis and I almost went through the ceiling with the shock of the pain. I am waiting for surgery and looking forward to some relief. I cannot bear to wear any socks etc on my feet and I can stand in snow without discomfort, of course I will end up with frostbite if I continue to do this. I cannot bare heat of any kind. It was a physiotherapist who suggested I had Nerve pain and it wasnt tendon problems at all. Most GPs have never even heard of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrom yet it is exactly the same as Carpal Tunnel syndrom except in your foot. Oh for a good nights sleep
! Ann