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Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Posted by Dayna on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003625)

Does anyone know of a good warm sturdy winter boot that you can put your whole foot (orthotic and shoe too) into and will keep you warm in winter. I'm not talking about those translucent grey plastic ones with the foldover snap that you see elderly ladies using to keep their nice shoes dry between the house and the car, etc. I'm talking about 'I live in Minnesota and I have to shovel snow up to my knees and my feet are freezing to death in just my plain shoes, not to mention what the salt and etc. is doing to the leather'. If anyone has an idea of where I can get some it would be greatly appreciated, I didn't have this problem last year with the mild winter and never realized how much I missed being able to wear boots. Thanks.

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Robin on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003632)

Hi Dayna -- Two suggestions from a southerner who used to be a northerner. I would give the guys at LL Bean a call or vist their website. When I lived in Connecticut I had a pair of their boots for shoveling -- all rubber, thick fleecy lining, black and ugly but almost knee high, impervious to snow and slush. I bought them extra extra large and packed knee socks and ragg socks inside. They did the job when we had 3 and 4 feet of snow.

Also, this might sound stupid but can you go to a hardware store and just buy those outer rubber boots that go up to and over your knees? I live in FL now; lots of people use rubber boots here when we have floods. I know their socks and shoes go inside. They're really ugly and look like they'd be fit for cleaning sewers -- but I'll bet they're solid rubber and would keep the snow off your feet. Good luck.

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Dayna on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003634)

Thanks, I'll give the LL Bean site a try. I'm really looking for warm warm warm as my feet are little icicles most of the time anyway and the cold really does a # on my feet. They might be expensive but as many here have said, 'we'll pay nearly anything if it makes our feet happy and less painful'.

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

suzi on 1/19/99 at 00:00 (003652)

check out timberland hiking boots. They have saved my life, I wear them every single day, and find that they really support my feet and ankles. I guess any sturdy hiking boot would do the trick. Timberland, vasque, raichle etc. Find a good out door/ camping store that sells good boots.
good luck

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Diane F. on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003654)

Salomon x-hiking boots I bought at the Track'n Trail, are my everyday shoes :) they are great and had them before my birks inserts, but once I got the inserts it was a team made in heaven hehe. The support it great and with my birks I have notice my feet are in very little pain and I can live a almost normal life most of the time.

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Dayna on 1/20/99 at 00:00 (003655)

Can you get these that let you keep your shoes on in them?

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Barb Zimmer on 1/21/99 at 00:00 (003686)

I recently bought Men's Sonoma Mid high boots (found at Sportmart, and Erehwon) that are just perfect for this Chicago winter. My feet are warm and my Birk full inserts that have the cork under piece fit absolutely perfectly in them. I was in a panic to try and find something after that first storm. I didn't want to ruin my winter Birks. I also have a rather cheap pair of chukas from Payless that accomodate my 3/4 length Birk inserts. This last pair of boots were my daughter's that I had to wear until I found my own. I tried the Salomon pair that I think someone mentioned but they would be way too short for the snow we've had (over 20 inches).

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Dayna on 1/21/99 at 00:00 (003695)

I'll take a look at these, are they available that your shoe and all goes into them, or just the foot (which won't work, I have to keep my shoes on 24 hours a day)?

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Diane F. on 1/22/99 at 00:00 (003725)

I mention the salomon boots and agree you need something a little higher. I use my boots mostly in the spring,summer and fall, with my birks sandals when it is too hot to wear them. Wear my winter boots with my inserts but after awhile my feet hurt a bit, try to wear my salomon most of the time when all is shoveled. Good luck on finding the boots of your dreams :)

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Barb Z. on 1/22/99 at 00:00 (003735)

Found ideal shoes for the messy Chicago thawing winter--Birk's Super Clog. I bought them yesterday and wore them outside all day today. They're made of a hard plastic that sells for $61 has the removable insert and is as comfortable or more comfortable than the Arizona sandals I wear in the house during the winter. Besides being extremely comfortable, they are much cheaper to try if you're afraid of spending a lot of money. Remember any reputable shoe store will let you return the shoes if you don't wear them outside. They can also be washed in the DISHWASHER, unbelievable. Mine are getting washed in the rain

Re: Wellies, overshoes, galoshes, boots, etc.

Barb Zimmer on 1/24/99 at 00:00 (003820)

I wrote last week about the boots that seem to fit the Birks's Blue inserts the best, but I didn't realize that I never had given the correct brand of boot until I was cleaning my sewing room yesterday and found the box. The Columbia men's Sonoma Midhigh is the name of the boot. With the Blue insert (Birk) I can hardly tell I have a PF problem. Today I'm off to buy the anti-fatigue mat that is advertised at Menard's. I want to use it on the rug in the kitchen. I can pinpoint my exact moment that PF took hold--the very first day we stood on our brand new wood kitchen floor in socks cleaning all the sawdust out of our pantry. I never went barefoot before and we couldn't wear shoes for a week in the kitchen.